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Research lab on Biospeleology and Herpetology

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We are a team of researchers with a strong passion for biospeleology and herpetology


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Misteries in the Dark

We love to explore subterranean environments and discover what is hidden therein! These beautiful and fascinating environments, as well as the biodiversity living therein, are still poorly known and understood. This makes our activities so exciting!

Not only biospeleology

We also have a strong passion for herpetology, thus besides herp species (mostly amphibians) inhabiting subterranean environments, we also study amphibians and reptiles from any type of environment.

Saving the "Dark" Biodiversity

Every species has an important role within the inhabited ecosystem, including those living underground. Our main purpose is to improve the knowledge on our model species and provide useful information for their conservation.

The dark world awaits to be explored!

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Upcoming event:

26th International Conference on Subterranean Biology 2024


6th International Symposium on Anchialine Ecosystems