Project: Metal Cave

Project title: Are facultative cave species drivers of metal contaminants into subterranean environments?

Project duration: December 2024

Funding organization: Finanziato dall’Unione europea – Next Generation EU

Description (short description):

Subterranean environments are widespread on Earth, yet we have a poor knowledge of their biota. These environments are characterized by peculiar characteristics that make them unique but also extremely sensitive to human induced effects. Nonetheless, they hold a very rich and unique biodiversity. A few studies focused on assessing the potential pollutants of different nature into subterranean environments; surprisingly those focusing on metal contaminants are quite scarce. Furthermore, the majority of those studies analysed groundwater, while cave soil has been usually neglected.


Latest news about the projects

Field activity in Sardegna, January 2024
Field activity in Sardegna, January 2024

We enjoyed the field activity in Sardegna searching for epigean populations of Speleomantes! We spent 10 days collecting data on multiple populations of four specie: S. genei, S. sarrabusensis, S. imperialis and S. flavus. These activities integrated the great...

METALCAVE: A new project on pollution in subterranean environments

We recently got funds for this project, which aims to assess the presence of trace metals in cave soil and whether they are stored in animals tissues. The project will start in December 2024. Here a breif description. Subterranean environments are widespread on Earth,...