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Job Opportunities

PhD project - Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia

PhD project: Unveiling the ecosystem dynamics of three Western Australian groundwaters through functional ecology
This project focuses on designing novel functionally-based biomonitoring protocols of microbial and stygofaunal communities. Energy flows and carbon loads regulating the targeted groundwater ecosystems will be investigated under different scenarios involving e.g., aquifer drawdown, contamination, and climate change-related effects such as increased temperature or salinity. By targeting different environmental conditions of the aquifer and groundwater (space) over time (seasonality), the baseline information generated will provide guidelines on how to maintain and rehabilitate healthy groundwater habitats. Investigations of the microbial and stygofaunal communities will be carried out with a multidisciplinary design including hydrogeochemical assessment tools (isotopes, nutrients, fluorescence analysis) combined with molecular tests (DNA metabarcoding, genomics).

Who: Subterranean Research and Groundwater Ecology (SuRGE) Group (@surge_group) Link

Where: Curtin University in Perth (Western Australia – @Curtin_TrEnD) Link

When: The PhD project will start in 2024 and will last until 2028. Deadline for application: 12th of April 2024.

Want to know more/apply? Contact: Dr Mattia Saccò (@MattiSacco) –

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Postdoc position Altermatt lab, University of Zurich and Eawag

Postdoc position in Groundwater Ecology, Biogeography and Biodiversity (2 years)

Groundwater is an essential ecosystem, indispensable for the provision of groundwater ecosystem services (e. g. clean drinking water) and habitat for a highly diverse and specialized fauna. Yet, it has been insufficiently studied and documented to date and its fauna and ecosystems processes are not systematically recorded in most regions worldwide. In this project you will be analysing genetic, functional and organismal (taxonomic) diversity of groundwater amphipods in Switzerland (part of Amphiwell.CH), building on a very extensive existing dataset and complemented by own field- and laboratory work.

Who: The Altermatt lab at the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies (IEU) at University of Zurich and the Department of Aquatic Ecology at Eawag

Where: The two year position will be based at University of Zurich and Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Competitive applicants have previous experience in phylogeography, biogeography and molecular ecology (barcoding, metabarcoding) and bioinformatics. Strong expertise in community ecology, spatial ecology, biodiversity sciences and statistics is desired. Applicants will be highly motivated, enthusiastic and independent scientists. They must have a good conceptual understanding of ecological theory and strong laboratory and analytical skills. Excellent communicational and writing skills in English, experiences with publishing scientific articles, good work ethics, and creative thinking are a must. A PhD in Ecology, evolutionary biology, biodiversity sciences or related subject is necessary for admission. A valid car driving license is required for field work.

More info on the offered position: 

The application deadline: June 26.

All applications need to go through the online form.